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17-May-2021 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

 Organizational LEADS Facilitator
Certification Renewal

May 2021 Webinar - Registration

LEADS Canada and the Canadian College of Health Leaders are pleased to offer certification renewal for Organizational LEADS Facilitators (OLF).

Participation in the Organizational LEADS Facilitator Certification renewal webinar will renew your certification for three (3) years. The format of the webinar is meant to be an opportunity to:
  • Reflect on and share your experience as a Organizational LEADS Facilitator.
    • What’s been working well?
    • What’s been “tricky” for me?
    • What can I do differently?
    • How can LEADS Canada better support me?
  • Connect and network with other Organizational LEADS Facilitators from different organizations across varying sectors of healthcare.
  • Provide mutual support and to learn what would help you sharpen your facilitation skills.
  • Receive updates on what is new at LEADS Canada.
  • Learn how to stay connected in the LEADS Community for Practice.

To register for this webinar, please select the Login & Register button at the top of this page. A confirmation email with the webinar details will be sent to you after registration.

For more information or registration questions, please contact
  Tracy Wightman, Manager, LEADS Learning and Development Programs

If you require technical assistance during the registration process, please contact
Julie Bruyère at