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LEADS Collaborative Structure

How We Do Our Work

We have established supportive structures, founding partner roles and a model for executing core work and enabling partners to contribute to the collective effort. By virtue of their involvement, each partner will ensure appropriate communication back to its members or organization occurs.

Download the LEADS Collaborative Strategic Plan here.

LEADS Framework Governance Group

The LEADS Framework Governance Group (GG) provides partner and broad organizational input into strategies to grow health leadership capacity across the country. It oversees the process to protect and enhance the integrity of the LEADS framework, and the process for evergreening the LEADS framework. The founding partners must be in full agreement on evergreening decisions before refreshment to the framework can take place. LEADS GG also oversees LEADS licensing frameworks to safeguard the integrity of LEADS as used in those organizations that are building health leadership capacity across Canada. Any new partners must be approved by this group.

For more information please see:

LEADS Framework Governance Group Terms of Reference
Membership of the LEADS Framework Governance Group

LEADS Operations Council

The LEADS Operations Council is an advisory committee to the CCHL Board of Directors and oversees the promotion of innovation and high-quality services provided through the LEADS Business Unit. It sets direction and provides strategic oversight to LEADS Canada, while ensuring that LEADS Canada executes its strategic plan successfully.

For more information:

LEADS Operations Council Terms of Reference
LEADS Operations Council Membership

LEADS Canada

LEADS Canada (formerly the LEADS Business Unit (LBU)) is part of the Canadian College of Health Leaders and serves as the business arm of the Collaborative. It supports a national team of expert facilitators, executive coaches and strategic partners who serve a growing client interest in using LEADS-related leadership development to grow health leadership capacity and improve health leadership performance. LEADS Canada supports the LEADS Community for Practice and promotes the exchange of sharing across the community of health leaders.

For more information:

LEADS Canada Operations Plan
LEADS Canada Team

Joint Meetings

As outlined in their terms of reference, the LEADS Framework Governance Group and the LEADS Operations Council will meet together at least twice a year to promote collaboration, communication and dialogue on joint issues.