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2020 LEADS Exchange Series - Sponsorship Information

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LEADS Canada and the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL) believes that strong leadership in healthcare will make a difference in the way healthcare in Canada is planned, designed and delivered, especially during times of crisis.  We help organizations be deliberate and strategic in their leadership development and our annual LEADS Exchange Day brings together those individuals and organizations who are actively working on their leadership programs.  It is an opportunity to exchange ideas and develop new tools and initiatives together that will move leadership forward across the country. We support the growing interest in the adoption, integration and sustainability of the LEADS in a Caring Environment (LEADS) leadership capabilities framework across Canada. This Canadian innovation has been endorsed and integrated in health organizations, authorities and systems across Canada and is drawing international attention as nothing similar exists or has been accomplished in health leadership globally.

During this global COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to announce that the 2020 LEADS Exchange Series is going virtual and your organization is invited to be part of this inaugural series. This means that all healthcare organizations from across Canada are able to participate – the offering is open to all organizations intentional about leadership development.

This year has brought many changes to how we work, deliver care, lead teams and connect with each other. It has been a time of unprecedented change that has brought its share of suffering, anxiety and loss. It has also been a time of bold innovations and opportunities for new ways of thinking. The series Bold Innovations in Leadership During Disorienting Times, happening in four parts, from late August to November, will be informative and engaging and leave our participants with new tools and valuable connections.  


For More Information on Sponsorship Opportunities:

Brenda Lammi   
Vice-President, Professional and Leadership Development
Canadian College of Health Leaders  
613-235-7218 / 1-800-363-9056 ext. 215



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