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What is a 360 | Assessment Timeline & Checklist l Supporting Documents

What is a 360?

The term "360" refers to the degrees in a circle, with an individual (the "subject") figuratively in the centre of the circle. In human resources or industrial/organizational psychology, 360 degree feedback (also known as multi-rater feedback, multisource feedback, or multisource assessment) is feedback that comes from all around an individual (the "responders"). Respondents providing feedback are normally direct reports, peers, and supervisors. It usually includes a self-assessment by the subject and, in some cases, feedback from other sources such as "customers", "partners", "professional standards observers" and "suppliers" or other interested stakeholders.

360 Frequently Asked Questions


LEADS 360 Assessments

The LEADS 360 Assessment is a feedback tool, primarily designed for leadership development. It is a questionnaire that takes the capabilities identified in the LEADS in Caring Environment capabilities framework and identifies sentinel behaviors exhibited by front-line, mid-level, senior, or executive level leaders. There are approximately sixty-five questions, each on a seven point rating scale, plus a number of optional open-ended text responses. The individuals (responders) providing feedback are identified by the 360 assessment participant, often with input from his or her supervisor. The 360 participants and their responders receive a confidential, personal access password to complete the online assessment process.

As a 360 participant, you receive the benefit of feedback from the full circle of people with whom you interact in the course of your work, rather than the singular perspective of your supervisor. Only you and your assigned debriefing coach will see your assessment results. Your assigned debriefing coach will help you begin developing a ‘Learning Plan’ to identify your areas of strength and one or more areas of focus for development over the coming year. This is a great opportunity to understand how your leadership capabilities ‘show up’ to your different responder groups, celebrate your strengths and improve relationships. The debriefing of your personal results will help you determine where to focus your future development as a leader..

Should you have any questions regarding the 360 Assessment, please address them to Kate Lawrie, Administrative Coordinator, LEADS 360 Support at or at 1-800-363-9056 ext. 211.



Your Timeline & Checklist

Identify responders in each responder category as directed November 22, 2018

Send personal email invitation to your responders (text provided) November 22, 2018

Enter responders into the LEADS 360 online system November 22, 2018

Complete your self-assessment January 24, 2019

Print your LEADS 360 report in colour for the Group Debriefing February 18, 2019

Attend Group Debriefing

Cohort 1: February 21, 2019 - AM

Cohort 2: February 26, 2019 - AM

Attend Debriefing of the Aggregate results

Cohort 1: February 21, 2019 - PM

Cohort 2: February 26, 2019 - PM

Connect with your assigned 30 minute Individual debriefing coach to schedule your debriefing As soon as you receive an email from your assigned coach

Individual results, 30 minute debriefing As scheduled

Participants & Responders Supporting Documents

  1. 2018 LEADS Learning Plan Template
  2. Draft Email to Responders
  3. Intro to Participants - Process and Timeframe
  4. LEADS 360 Definition and Background
  5. Tips for Responders – How to Provide Effective Feedback
  6. Boud Article - Giving and Receiving Feedback
  7. Panoramic Feedback Article - Providing Effective Feedback

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