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For more information on our certification program:

Tracy Wightman
Manager, LEADS Learning and Development Programs
613-235-7218 or
1-800-363-9056 ext. 232

Eligibility & Requirements

Certification Eligibility

  • Completion of the full 5 day LEADS Learning Series (LLS) or equivalent;
  • Support and reference from employer;
  • Certified Facilitator credential or equivalent experience;  and
  • HR/OD experience or role in current position
*If no credential above, submit combined skills/work experience for consideration and assessment.

Online Program Requirements

Once applications has been approved, candidates will be provided with access to the online program platform, the LEADS Community for Practice and access to tools and resources in the Organizational LEADS Facilitator Candidate folders of the secured section of the LEADS Canada website.

Certification Program includes:
  • Six (6) virtual live training webinars with a LEADS Canada Facilitator; see details below
  • Design of a LEADS-based session or LEADS resource; see details below
  • Review and feedback of newly created LEADS session or resource;
  • Three(3) level (self, peer and participant) assessment of newly created LEADS session or evaluation of implementation plan for a LEADS resource;
  • One-hour (1 hr) one-on-one virtual session with a LEADS Canada Facilitator to debrief survey/evaluation and create a skill development plan; and
  • One (1) electronic copy of the LEADS Booklet and a hard-copy of Bringing LEADS to Life in Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment by Graham Dickson and Bill Tholl (2nd Edition).

Organizational LEADS Facilitator Online Sessions

The six (6) online facilitation training session includes an introduction to tools that can be used to design a LEADS Learning Series, an in-depth exploration of ‘best practice’ facilitation approaches and techniques, and many opportunities to practice facilitating LEADS content to deepen confidence and competence. Participants will receive a resource workbook that includes these techniques and tools. In addition, participants will explore the integration of LEADS in their organizations to encourage a cultural shift that is sustainable and energized.

> Download the full program breakdown and overview here!

The final certification process requires participants to design and deliver a LEADS introductory program or a LEADS-based integration resource in their organizations. Participants will be supported during this process through guidance from a LEADS Certified Facilitator and participant feedback.

Design and Delivery of a LEADS Session

Following the six (6) webinars, candidates will provide a full complement of documents required to approve internal delivery of a LEADS program or resource, designed to their own organizations’ specifications. LEADS Canada Facilitators will review and provide feedback for these written submissions.

Each candidate will either deliver their newly designed session at their own organization or create an implementation strategy for the resource. Three levels of assessment are completed for the delivery of the session: a self-evaluation, peer assessment and participant assessment. Surveys are distributed and summarized by LEADS Canada Facilitators. If a resource is developed, an evaluation of the implementation strategy is completed. A LEADS Canada Facilitator spends a one-hour session (virtual) with the candidate to review the surveys or implementation plan and begin an ongoing skill development plan.