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For more information on our certification program:

Tracy Wightman
Manager, LEADS Learning and Development Programs
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1-800-363-9056 ext. 232

Renewal Requirements

Organizational LEADS Facilitator Certification – Renewal Requirements

In order for Organizational LEADS Facilitators to renew their three-year certification, the following requirements must be completed:

1. Participation in a renewal webinar which will include:
  • Interaction and dialogue with other Organizational LEADS Facilitators from different organizations across varying sectors of healthcare as an opportunity to network and share ideas and experiences through participating in a webinar for this purpose;
  • Reflect on and share your experience as an OLF;
  • Provide mutual support and learn what would help you sharpen your facilitation skills; and
  • Receive updates on what is new at LEADS Canada.  Learn how to stay connected in the LEADS Community for Practice.
    2. Proof of maintenance of credentials.

    5. Payment of the 3-year licensing renewal fee of $750.

    LEADS Canada offers certification renewal webinars twice every year, in May and November.  To prevent your certification from expiring, you have the option to choose from the following scheduled dates:  

       Monday, November 16, 2020    REGISTER HERE
       Monday, May 17, 2021    REGISTER HERE
       Monday, November 15, 2021    REGISTER HERE