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LEADS Lite Webinar Series

Module Descriptions

Webinar 1
Domain: Lead Self

  • Introduction to the LEADS in a Caring Environment Leadership Model
  • Understanding YOUR Leadership Identity
    • LEADS Model Capabilities for this Domain
      • Self-motivated leaders: 
        • Develop self
        • Self-aware
        • Develop character
        • Manage self

In this module we will explore who you are AND who you want to be as a leader. It is the foundation of the model as we cannot lead others to places we have not yet been ourselves. We will examine what we are modeling, its impact and our opportunity to grow ourselves in service of others. This will be accomplished by digging into both “who we are being as a leader” and the resultant “what we are doing as a leader”

Some of the areas we will consider in this module include our values, our communication style and preferences, and the stories we are holding that both serve and detract from our leadership effectiveness.


Webinar 2
Domain: Engage Others

  • Understanding where this domain fits in the overall model
  • Engaging Others in a way that advances the work being done
    • LEADS Model Capabilities for this Domain
      • Engaging Leaders:
        • Foster the development of others
        • Communicate effectively
        • Contribute to the creation of healthy workplaces
        • Build teams

In this module we will explore the essential elements and importance of employee engagement. We will consider why it is important and what difference high engagement makes. We will examine what it is, where we are now and steps to grow it in a sustainable way. We will do so in the context of build stronger teams. Teams that communicate effectively, are committed to the purpose of the work, and that support the culture we a deliberately creating.

Some of the areas we will drill down into include coaching skills, team development theory, empowerment and creating a culture by design.


Webinar 3
Domain: Achieve Results

  • Understanding where this domain fits in the overall model.
  • Achieving deliberate and focused results that are aligned with a clear Vision
    • LEADS Model Capabilities for this Domain
      • Goal Oriented Leaders:
        • Set direction
        • Take action to implement decisions
        • Assess and evaluate
        • Strategically align decisions with vison, values and evidence

In this module we will explore the value and impact of clearly articulating your organizations vision, strategy and goals. How do we create them in a way that drive our purpose, engages others, and ultimately produces meaningful outcomes for our stakeholders? We will also give considerable consideration to the implementation of effective change management strategies in an environment that is constantly in flux, as we strive to deliver on our commitments. We will introduce best practices and a change model for discussion and consideration.

Webinar 4
Domain: Develop Coalitions

  • Understanding where this domain fits in the overall model
  • Building select and meaningful coalitions in service of our vision
    • LEADS Model Capabilities for this Domain
      • Collaborative Leaders:
        • Purposefully build partnerships and networks to create results
        • Mobilize knowledge
        • Navigate socio-political environments
        • Demonstrate a commitment to customers and service

In this module we will explore the continuum that at one end is Independence, and at the other is Coalition. This will provide important context to help understand what a Coalition is and the potential power and value they hold. We will explore the work involved in establishing coalitions, the maintenance of them, and the ongoing evaluation of their current relevance. We will also explore the relationship between customer service and the client experience -what is the difference and how do we maintain a deliberate focus on those we exist to serve.

Webinar 5
Domain: Systems Transformation

  • Understanding where this domain fits in the overall model
  • Understanding the dynamics of systems and the role leadership play in shaping them
    • LEADS Model Capabilities for this Domain
      • Successful Leaders:
        • Demonstrate systems/critical thinking
        • Orient themselves strategically to the future
        • Champion and orchestrate change
        • Encourage and support innovation
In this module we will explore what a “system” is, how it is created, how it works, and how it is compelled to be constantly adapting to the current environment. It is the big picture of the world in which we are leading. We will consider the difference between analytical and systems thinking, and the need to match our problem-solving approach with the appropriate type of thinking. We will introduce a tool and walk through a process to help you gain and appreciation and awareness of the complex system in which you are leading. You will be challenged to think about how you are leading in your current system as well as how you are leading by preparing the system to adapted to coming changes.