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LEADS Learning Series


LEADS Learning Series - Online Program

In healthcare, now, more than ever, we have been called upon to re-imagine the way we lead and learn. Leading in a complex, adaptive environment requires new ways of being, thinking, and working to embrace diversity, and unleash innovation and creativity.

The online LEADS Learning Series has been developed to:

  • Offer à la carte options to fill in the gaps in your LEADS leadership development curriculum (it can be completed as a series or by domain);
  • Create a LEADS-based leadership development path that incorporates custom content, and a blended format of interactive webinars plus the time and space in between to reflect on learnings;
  • Deploy a new leadership development experience differing from the in-class learning experience;
  • Promote an environment where learners contribute meaningfully to the learning of others;
  • Value learners as individuals who bring expertise and life experience to their professional development; and
  • Provide learners with practical applications of leadership knowledge and skills

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The NEW online LEADS Learning Series consists of:

  • Orientation webinar (60 minutes)
  • Domain webinars (60 or 120 minutes per domain)
  • 7 webinars in total including the orientation and domain webinars
  • Self-assessment and learning plan per domain
  • Readings, reflection and homework in between domains
  • Final learning plan submission (LEADS in Action project) for review by a LEADS Canada Facilitator
  • Program length approximately 3 months (with webinars paced out approximately 2 weeks apart)
  • Certificate of completion of the LEADS Learning Series upon completion of entire program

Program Fees:
Full program - $1775 per person*
Single Domain - $450 per person**

2021 Cohorts:
Spring Cohort: February to May - Register Here!
Fall Cohort: September to November -
Register Here!

Contact us to find out how you can bring the LEADS Leaning Series to YOUR organization.

Completion of the online LEADS Learning Series meets two of the CHE Select Program requirements (LEADS Learning Series + LEADS in Action project), and satisfies the requirement for eligibility to complete certification as a LEADS Coach or LEADS Organizational Facilitator/Integrator.

Completion of this program meets the CHE Select Program’s LEADS Learning requirement and is preparation for the LEADS in Action Project submission.

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* Pricing for the full online LEADS Learning Series includes an E-Book copy of ' Bringing Leadership to Life in Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment (2nd edition)—Putting LEADS to Work ', a PDF of the LEADS Booklet,and access to the LEADS online self-assessment (only when registering for the full series).  

** Pricing for the single Domain sessions includes access to the online self-assessment only.