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LEADS Internal Facilitator Certification (IFC) Program

The LEADS Internal Facilitator certification program has been developed to equip leadership and organizational development staff within hospitals, health authorities and regions across Canada with the knowledge and skills to deliver workshops and provide coaching to staff, using the LEADS framework as the foundation.

The aim of the LEADS IFC program is to provide proven skills and techniques, tools and resources that participants can use immediately to improve their delivery of leadership development to their colleagues.

A key priority of this program is to enhance the ability of health organizations to integrate LEADS resources into their current programs, initiatives and priorities related to leadership development and succession planning.

The LEADS IFC program is a robust program within which each candidate typically will: a) participate in a three-day face to face LEADS Internal Facilitator workshop; b) design; and c) deliver a newly designed LEADS session or resource.

Upon successful completion of the certification program, participants will be certified for two years as a LEADS Internal Facilitator and will have access to the online LEADS Community for Practice for certified LEADS Internal Facilitators, which has membership from across Canada. They will also receive a LEADS Organizational License which is a license to use the LEADS framework internally within their organization.

LEADS Internal Facilitator Certification Process

The IFC program includes:

• Three-day face-to-face session with one LEADS Canada Facilitator (on-site, offered on consecutive days);
• Design of a LEADS-based one day (or portion of) session or LEADS resource;
• Review and feedback of newly created LEADS session or resource;
• Three level (self, peer and participant) assessment of newly created LEADS session or evaluation of implementation plan for a LEADS resource;
• One-hour one-on-one session with LEADS Canada Facilitator to debrief survey/evaluation and create a skill development plan; and
• Electronic copy of LEADS Booklet; Hard-copy of Bringing LEADS to Life in Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment by Graham Dickson and Bill Tholl.

Upon successful completion, LEADS Internal Facilitators are provided with:

• Two-year certification as a certified LEADS Internal Facilitator;
• LEADS Organizational License for internal use; and
• Access to the LEADS Community for Practice for certified LEADS Internal Facilitators across Canada

LEADS Internal Facilitator Three Day Session

The three-day facilitation training session includes an introduction to available tools that can be employed to augment a LEADS program, an in-depth exploration of ‘best practice’ facilitation tools and techniques to utilize in delivering a LEADS program, and a complete detailed ‘instructional agenda’ template for completion. In addition, participants will explore the integration of LEADS throughout their organization to encourage a cultural shift that is sustainable and energized.

The expectation, through a guided process, will be such that participants will initiate the design of either a LEADS introductory program or a LEADS-based integration resource.

Design and Delivery of a LEADS Session

Following the LEADS Internal Facilitator training, participants will provide a full complement of documents required to approve internal delivery of a LEADS program or resource, designed to their own organizations’ specifications. LEADS Canada Facilitators will review and provide feedback for these written submissions.

Each participant will either deliver their newly designed session at their own organization or create an implementation strategy for the resource. Three levels of assessment are completed for the delivery of the session: a self-evaluation, peer assessment and participant assessment. Surveys are distributed and summarized by LEADS Canada Facilitators. If a resource is developed, an evaluation of the implementation strategy is completed. A LEADS Facilitator spends a one-hour session (virtual) with the candidate to review the surveys or implementation plan and begin an ongoing skill development plan. Successful candidates will be certified for two years and provided access to the online LEADS Community for Practice for LEADS Internal Facilitators upon successful completion of the program.

How to Register

Public offerings of the LEADS IFC program occur periodically throughout the year and will be posted on this website.  Newly offered public IFC programs are scheduled and promoted through LEADS Canada, the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL), and the program partner organization.  

Eligibility & Requirements:
Candidates must have completed a full five day LEADS Learning Series (within their organization or through a public offering). 
*Facilitation credentials or combined skills/experience is recommended
*HR/OD role in current position is recommended

LEADS IFC fees and entitlements:
The public offering program fees are dependent on the location and venue of the partner organization. 

The program fee includes:

• A three day face-to-face facilitated session;
• Design, delivery, and evaluation of a LEADS workshop; a
• two year facilitator certification licence; and a
• three year organizational license for internal use to integrate LEADS within organizational systems


LEADS Canada offers certification renewal webinars twice every year, in May and November.  To prevent your LEADS Internal Facilitator certification from expiring, you have the option to choose from the following scheduled dates:  

  Monday, November 18, 2019 (1-3 pm ET)   REGISTER HERE
  Monday, May 11, 2020   REGISTER HERE
  Monday, November 16, 2020   REGISTER HERE

The format of the webinar is meant to be an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on and share your experience as a LEADS Internal Facilitator;
    -What's been working well?
    -What's been "tricky" for me?
    -What can I do differently?
    -How can LEADS Canada better support me?
  • Connect and network with other LEADS Internal Facilitators from different organizations across varying sectors of healthcare;
  • Provide mutual support and learn what would help you sharpen your facilitation skills; and
  • Receive updates on what is new at LEADS Canada.  Learn how to stay connected in the LEADS Community for Practice.

LEADS Internal Facilitators must participate in the renewal webinar to renew certification every two years, and are required to submit the 2-year licensing fee of $500.00* at time of registration.

For more information, please contact Tracy Wightman, Manager, LEADS Learning and Development Programs at or 1-800-363-9056 ext 232.

*unless a pre-existing organizational agreement indicates otherwise