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LEADS Collaborative



Who We Are

  The LEADS Collaborative is not a legal entity but rather a partnership between the Canadian College of Health Leaders (“CCHL” or “College”), the Canadian Health Leadership Network (“CHLNet”), Royal Roads University (“RRU”) and Dr. Graham Dickson.  Far beyond its founding collaborative partners, we bring together those interested in building health leadership capacity for health system transformation and performance. The intention of this document is to clarify roles for the LEADS Collaborative values. Roles are based on the values outlined in the strategic plan of:

  • A LEADS-Based Leadership Framework
  • A Health Care Leadership Focus
  • Not-for-Profit Stewardship
  • Trust and Reciprocity
  • Significant and Meaningful Impact
  • A Focus on Quality
  • Partnership Approach

Our Vision and Mission


To enhance clarity, transparency and accountability in the ongoing work of the LEADS Collaborative Partnership, the LEADS Collaborative Partners will ensure the following structures and roles are adhered based on the vision and mission of:



  To develop, support and sustain LEADS-based leadership capacity for health system transformation.


  Growing Our Health Leaders for Tomorrow – Together