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For more information on the Advanced Leadership Program:

Jaason Geerts, PhD
Director, Research and Leadership Development
613-235-7218 or
1-800-363-9056 ext. 233

Advanced Leadership Program

The 2020 Summit Series - Single webinar option

The coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world is presenting unprecedented challenges and opportunities for individuals and organizations.

The intense pressure on the healthcare system, the high levels of anxiety and stress, and the millions of people who are adjusting to working from home, many for the first time, create a situation where self-leadership and self-management are of vital importance.

We are pleased to host a series of webinars related to the capabilities within the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework . Each webinar will focus on combining theory and best practice principles with practical applications and interactive discussions that will enable participants to develop themselves and support others during this pandemic and beyond.

To purchase a single webinar, click on the links below. Please note that this option includes the 60 minute main webinar ONLY!

All webinar are scheduled for 12:00 PM ET

Webinar Dates Domain Title  
March 26
LS The coronavirus and the Helen Effect: self-leadership and self-management during a crisis Purchase this recording

April 16
EO Leadership presence: what does your communication style say about your Leadership? Purchase this recording

May 21
EO Leverage your coaching and feedback skills to have impactful development conversations Purchase this recording

June 18
EO Growth Mindset – A Strengths Based Approach to Team Development Purchase this recording

July 16
LS Resilience: Lead balloon or rubber ball - How high can I bounce? Purchase this recording

August 20
ST Vertical leadership development: Accelerating your leadership in a VUCA world Purchase this recording

September 17
ST Pandemic Gifts - Canada’s Pandemic Response: Key Learnings for Building our Future
Purchase this recording

October 15
DC Developing coalitions from the outside in: A customer service approach
Purchase this recording

November 19
ST Linking Leadership and Innovation – fostering a lasting innovation culture Recording available soon!

December 17
AR Take action to implement decisions REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR

January 21, 2021
DC Why these blindspots make your coalitions fail, again REGISTER FOR THIS WEBINAR
February 18, 2021
AR Envisioning the Future: Possibilities and Purpose

Dates, times, topics and facilitators are subject to change.