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For more information on the Advanced Leadership Program:

Jaason Geerts, PhD
Director, Research and Leadership Development
613-235-7218 or
1-800-363-9056 ext. 233

Advanced Leadership Program

The 2020 Summit Series

Every module is based one of the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework capabilities and the topics are selected personally by each LEADS Canada facilitator.

Each modules includes:
  1. Part 1: An online journal club based on a pre-selected article specific to each module topic. These sessions will be moderated by Jaason Geerts, PhD, Manager, Leadership and Partnership Development, LEADS Canada.
  2. Part 2: A 60-minute webinar based on the topic presented by the facilitator. Following the webinar, participants will be provided 3 questions for reflection and 3 questions for discussion, which will inspire the application of learning.
  3. Part 3: A 60-minute follow-up webinar based on the reflection questions and participants’ experiences attempting their learnings.
  4. A copy of the Key Summary report produced by the LEADS Facilitator. Report will be based on the module topic, article, and dialogue.
  5. Participation in the components of each module entitles certified Canadian College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) up to 5.0 Category I credits toward their maintenance of certification requirement.

PLEASE NOTE:  All webinar are scheduled for 12:00 PM ET

Module 2020 Webinar Dates Domain Capability Facilitator Topic
LS Manage & develop themselves Jaason Geerts, PhD The coronavirus and the Helen Effect: self-leadership and self-management during a crisis - Purchase this recording

EO Communicate effectively Kathleen Paterson Leadership presence: what does your communication style say about your Leadership? - Purchase this recording

EO Foster development of others Doug Miron Leverage your coaching and feedback skills to have impactful development conversations - Purchase this recording

June 18
EO Builds teams Michelle Gilchrist Growth Mindset -  A Strengths-Based Approach to Team Development - Purchase this recording

July 16
LS Demonstrate character Bruce McLeod Resilience: Lead balloon or rubber ball - How high can I bounce? - Purchase this recording

August 20
ST Orient themselves strategically to the future Nadine Whelan Vertical leadership development: Accelerating your leadership in a VUCA world - Purchase this recording

September 17
ST Champion and orchestrate change Francoise Morissette Pandemic Gifts - Canada's Pandemic Response: Key Learnings for Building our Future - Purchase this recording

October 15
DC Demonstrate a commitment to people and service Dr. Graham Dickson Developing coalitions from the outside in: A customer service approach - Purchase this recording

November 19
ST Encourage and support innovation Dr. Ellen Melis Linking leadership to innovation – fostering a lasting innovation culture - Purchase this recording

December 17
AR Take action to implement decisions Bruce Swan Powerful Decisions get Powerful Results through releasing Powerful Leadership - Purchase this recording

January 14, 2021
January 21, 2021
January 28, 2021
DC Navigate socio-political environments Dr. Johny Van Aerde Why these blindspots make your coalitions fail, again
February 11, 2021
February 18, 2021
February 25, 2021
AR Set direction Leah Wuitschik Envisioning the Future: Possibilities and Purpose

The above webinar dates listed for each module are in order of:

  1. Part 1: Online Journal Club
  2. Part 2: Main webinar
  3. Part 3: Follow up webinar

Dates, times, topics and facilitators are subject to change.