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For more information on the Advanced Leadership Program:

Jaason Geerts, PhD
Manager, Leadership and Partnership Development
613-235-7218 or
1-800-363-9056 ext. 233


The coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the international news media and it is clear that health organizations are at one of three stages of a crisis (as defined by LEADS Canada). Some are paused anxiously at Stage 1: The preparatory stage , others are in the throes of the storm and are battling in Stage 2: Full-on crisis mode , while some groups are experiencing Stage 3: Fortunately avoided or emerged from the crisis which is characterized by a less-intense but disturbing limbo-like state, aware that the pandemic is not over and may return without much warning. 

The purpose of the
Advanced Leadership Program - Campfire Chat Webinar Series is to help you and your organization to navigate through these 3 stages of a crisis. Jaason Geerts, PhD, Manager, Leadership and Partnership Development at CCHL and LEADS Canada, will host weekly webinars and invite leading experts in their fields to take a deep dive into cutting edge topics related to the capabilities within the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework with a focus on leadership during and after a crisis.


No upcoming Campfire Chat webinars are scheduled at this time. - KEEP COMING BACK TO CHECK FOR UPDATES!
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Join the College today for only $160 for the first year registration fee. CCHL membership details available here.

Attendance at this program entitles certified Canadian College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) to 1.0 Category I credits toward their maintenance of certification requirement.