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28-Jun-2018 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


CHLNet / LEADS Canada  FREE Webinar Series: Session 11

A Practical Application of Distributed Leadership:
The Australian ViTA Experience
Thursday, June 28, 2018, 11am-12pm EDT

A lot has been written about the theories underpinning distributed leadership and the potential benefits associated with adopting a distributed leadership approach, but how do you bring this concept to life to help shape health and aged care services? Dr. Kirsty Marles will share an example of how distributed leadership has been brought to life in ViTA, a purpose built teaching aged care service in South Australia. She will share the framework and tools which the ViTA team used to make sense of distributed leadership.

ViTA has been designed to provide a new approach to aged care, to maximize collaboration and promote innovation in service delivery. The aims for ViTA are to embed teaching and research within the delivery of services which promote restoration and rehabilitation for older people in short term and long term care.

The ViTA experience demonstrates a collaborative approach which brought together the skills and expertise of professionals to create a culture of learning which contributes toward improving quality of life for older people. The research experience supported organizational change through engaging the ViTA workforce to shape the systems they work within and contribute to developing an environment at ViTA which balances risk with the conditions needed to innovate.

Register now for this free webinar. It will be moderated by Sharon Bishop, Director- Workforce Planning and Development from the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

This presentation is essential if you:
  • want to know more about the practical application of distributed leadership;
  • are considering adopting a distributed leadership approach within your leadership strategy & need to know where to start;
  • are after some innovative ideas on how to advance your distributed leadership strategy; or
  • are interested in learning about the experience in establishing an innovative purpose built teaching aged care service in South Australia.
An introduction to ViTA is provided on You Tube :  or

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Kirsty Marles: Kirsty is a service design innovator with experience leading collaborative change projects in both Australia & the UK. These projects have involved partnerships across industry and academia.

Kirsty has facilitated the development of systems aimed at maximising collaborative practice within service delivery. Her recent achievements have included:
  • Development and implementation of the ViTA Operational Model used to establish services at ViTA, a purpose built teaching, research aged care facility which opened in South Australia in 2014.
  • Establishment of an award winning interprofessional learning student placement program designed to shape the aged care workforce of tomorrow and ignite a passion for healthy ageing. The program delivers over 80,000 student placement hours each year for students studying in a range of health disciplines.
Kirsty is passionate about designing systems which are responsive to customer/patient/client needs.

Kirsty has qualifications in health services management, public health & has recently completed Doctoral research based on the ViTA experience. Professor Graham Dickson was one of her research supervisors. Her Doctoral research was awarded the Global Ageing Excellence in Applied Research Award for 2017: 

Kirsty is also a contributing author to a number of professional textbooks used in health management education.

Link to Kirsty’s Doctoral Research thesis:

  We look forward to seeing you at this webinar and sharing one way of working toward better
and more effective learning programs.

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Attendance at this program entitles certified Canadian College of Health Leaders members (CHE / Fellow) to 1 Category I credit toward their maintenance of certification requirement.

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